Wheeldesk customers weigh in via Amazon.com (Part 2)

Wheeldesk customers weigh in via Amazon.com (Part 2)

We began selling Wheeldesks on Amazon.com in 2017, and we recently shared some reviews posted by customers who are happily using our products to be more productive.

Today’s post features a second batch of reviews from customers sharing the unique ways that the Wheeldesk helps them with work or study. (In some cases, we’ve edited these a bit for length and consistent format.)

“Great product, great price”

Love this! I am a home health nurse and do a lot of computer documentation in the car. This fits perfectly over the steering wheel. My laptop fits on it, and you have plenty of room between you and the [Wheeldesk].

Gift for traveling salesman

Bought this for hubby, who is an on-the-road salesman. He uses this during stops and says he loves it.

“Fantastic product for tablets”

Love this! I use it for more uses than it’s actually designed for. I took it and attached it to a rolling cart I have; it made a lid as well as a little table to use on the 4th of July – cool.

There are a lot of times that I need to turn in work as soon as it’s completed; [with the Wheeldesk], I can sit in my car under a tree and send all of my work. I actually wish it was a bit larger, though, as my tablet and key board barely fit. … With a little adjustment, it works great. It really helps when I’m trying to work in my car, but I doubt it would work for a regular size laptop. Very well-made and fits securely into the steering wheel. Great product for tablets!

“The best Mobile Workstation solution hands down.”

With four rowdy boys running all around my house, I needed an optional quiet place to read, write, work, and study for my MBA. I soon realized that my car was the perfect mobile haven from distraction with its adjustable seat and quiet interior, but it lacked one thing – desk space.

After researching steering wheel desks on Amazon and the Internet, I came across an American company called WheelDesks. The design of their product looked far superior to all the cheaply made plastic offerings that litter the internet, so I took the plunge and ordered the largest model they offer, The Contractor, direct from the manufacturer’s website. It arrived in three days, and I put it straight into my car. Hallelujah! It was the perfect solution. It is solidly built, very stable and has ample room for any of your mobile office needs. The WheelDesk is made in the USA and comes in three sizes.
I told the manufacturer that I was so happy with the product that I would write one of their first reviews on Amazon. Check out my setup: I am easily able to run dual monitors using my iPad, MacBook and an app called Duet. This is mobile workstation heaven! I showed my Wheeldesk to the COO of my company, and she bought one straightaway; she is in love with her newfound productivity.