Parent-on-the-go gives a shout-out to the Wheeldesk

Parent-on-the-go gives a shout-out to the Wheeldesk

Before I was introduced to Wheeldesks, I had no idea how much I needed one!

I am a web developer and a father of three. I have worked out my schedule to accommodate my kids’ ballet, gymnastics, garden club, etc. schedules. But it was always frustrating to have to leave my work to take my kids to their appointments, but not really have enough time between dropping them off and picking them back up to get back to work. That in-between time felt kind of wasted. 

Then I was hired to build the website (this website) for Wheeldesks. They gave me a Notebook model so I would understand the product, and I started using it immediately.

Now, when I drop my daughter off at ballet, I park right there, take out my laptop, pull the Wheeldesk from its spot between the front seats, and get right back to work. Time that was once wasted time is often my best working hour of the day now. 

I can vouch for the fact that the Wheeldesk is truly one of the those “How did I live without this?” products.

(And no, I was not paid for this insider endorsement – I volunteered it enthusiastically!)

Kyle, Atlanta