Quoting on the fly: The Wheeldesk makes work life easier for a sales VP

For Alan Reynolds, the Wheeldesk has become a simple, but indispensable part of his on-the-go work life.

Reynolds is VP of Sales for the Southeast for the company Anthony Liftgates, and he often finds himself fielding requests for quotes while he’s on the road.

When those calls come in, Reynolds finds a spot where he can stop his Ford F150 truck, pulls his Wheeldesk from its spot in the pocket on the back of the passenger seat, puts it in place on his steering wheel and grabs his laptop.

“I use my wifi hotspot, do the quote and move on,” he says. “It’s great to have a quick desk area to work from on the road.”

Reynolds chose the smallest Wheeldesk model, the Notebook, because it fits easily in that passenger seat pocket when he’s not using it.

The sales VP from Sharpsburg, GA, has paid Wheeldesk the highest compliment of all: He says he regularly recommends it to other people, and has even given Wheeldesks away as door prizes at events he has organized.

Thanks for sharing your story, Alan, and for helping us spread the word about Wheeldesks!