Wheeldesks™ are automobile desktops for people who work on the go. Our customers include contractors, law enforcement, sales reps and even parents who need to work in the car while their kids are at sports practices, music lessons and the like. In addition to using the Wheeldesk as an in-vehicle table, many of our customers also use the Wheeldesk at home as a lap desk.

Customers use Wheeldesks for filling out paperwork and - thanks to the lip along the bottom - feel safe using them with their laptop computers. Some customers have told us that they even put our smallest car desk, the Notebook, into their computer bags along with their laptops.

Which Wheeldesk is right for you?

Our most compact model, can hold most laptop computers and is perfect for paperwork.

Is larger than the notebook and can hold most laptop computers and paperwork with some space left over.

And our largest mobile desk, the Contractor, transforms your vehicle into an office away from home.

Wheeldesk comparison illustration