A wave of great reviews! (Part 1)

A wave of great reviews! (Part 1)

In 2017, we began selling the Wheeldesk on Amazon.com in addition to offering it through our website, and it’s been gratifying to see the reviews posted on Amazon by happy customers.

We wanted to share a few of those reviews on the blog in order to give you some firsthand perspectives on the ways that the Wheeldesk is helping people work more effectively. Today’s post includes a first batch of reviews sharing specific feedback; stay tuned for Part 2. (In some cases, we’ve edited the reviews a bit for length and consistent format.)

We’re proud that a whopping 84 percent of our reviewers gave Wheeldesk 5-star reviews, the highest possible on Amazon. (While we wish 100 percent of our customers rated Wheeldesk with 5 stars, we understand that not every product is an ideal match for every customer.)

A customer who works in the news business says:

The design of this is fantastic. I am a television news photographer and our workflow often dictates working in our vehicles because of no other options. This has made working in a car tolerable. The Contractor size is plenty large enough for a 15-inch laptop [and] mouse as well as my phone on the other side (which usually has the emailed script I need to refer to while editing).

What I really like is that I can close the laptop and easily pull the desk and set the whole thing on the dash of my Ford Explorer. [This] makes it easy to get out to do live shots, then pick right back up again for the next show. Storage is simple in the back behind the driver’s seat, and it has a good solid durable feel to it! A must-have if you are forced to work out of your car at all!

"Just what I needed!"

This is a great product for traveling inspectors. I would highly recommend this to everyone that needs a temporary working service in their vehicle. I’m using the smaller one with a new MacBook Air 13-inch laptop.

"If you need a mobile office … look no further"

I drive a lot of people to a lot of things, and end up spending a lot of time waiting in the car. I previously had one of those steering wheel tables that clips horizontally onto the wheel when it’s upside down, and when that one [broke], I decided to try this one instead.

It’s made a world of difference! I got the contractor size, and I was worried it would prove too big to use in my minivan. Nope, it fits just fine, and gives me ample space to spread out papers. I love that extra space; it’s made me so much more productive. I didn’t think I would ever use the pen holders, but I’ve already found them to be indispensable, especially the round hole ones. This thing is massively sturdy. My old one consistently left indentations in my steering wheel after use, and this one never has. It also never touches your horn, something I worried about when I bought it.

It’s no good for eating. It is not level on your steering wheel; it sits at a steep slope. If you need a true table, this won’t work for you.

But for writing, it’s the best there is!

"Must have, if you do computer/iPad work in you car."
Love this! So simple, yet so useful. It’s the perfect angle to use my iPad with a keyboard. Keeps my neck in a neutral position so it doesn’t get strained. I also use it with my iPhone. Easy to store next to passenger seat.

"Simple and straightforward"

Simple and straightforward, the product was as advertised and met my needs to perfection. It has improved my productivity greatly.