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Do You Need A Portable Mobile Laptop Desk?

"Do you live in your car or truck wasting hours waiting for appointments, clients or carpools? Is your SUV your second office? Have you tried standard solutions like flimsy plastic mobile laptop desks, inconvenient center console car desks and bulky lap desks?"

Now you have the freedom to work from your parked car with our patent pending mobile laptop desk. Don't just take our word for it . . . . see for yourself by watching the YouTube video above.

TrulyGr8 Steering Wheel Desks are a perfect mobile solution. Our mobile laptop desk fits on the steering wheel of a car or truck. Wheel Desks are rugged enough to hold a 39 lb concrete block, but small enough to stow next to most center car consoles when not in use.

A Satisfied Wheel Desk Customer Writes:

Hello Mr. Singleton,
"Thank You" for your concerns as to your customer’s feelings. This in itself is refreshing.

I have the pleasure of working with a fine company that produces the best appliances for the residential market, with legions of satisfied clients. Since my responsibilities keep me "on the road" more than in the office, the Wheel Desk has become an integral part of my day.

It is used with my laptop and phone, not only when stopped for those long delays, but also after leaving a meeting with one of our dealers I am able to safely record all notes. Safely? Yes, so the laptop does not fall and destroy all hard earned information. By using the Wheel Desk I am able to make notes while on the phone which are actually legible.

By the use of the Wheel Desk, combined with the phone and laptop, I have become more efficient and am saving information that may have otherwise been lost.

"Thank You" for a practical product at a reasonable cost.

Al Kramer
Ephrata, PA

There is no assembly required. TrulyGr8 Mobile Laptop Desk is ready to provide you with years of service as soon as it arrives at your door. Experience the freedom of working wherever you want:
  • Park your car, truck or SUV under a shady tree while your kids are at sports practices and use valuable hours to catch up on paperwork or relax with your favorite magazine.

  • Meet clients and subcontractors out in the field. TrulyGr8 Contractors' Mobile Desk is large enough to show your building plans.

  • Take your TrulyGr8 Mobile Laptop Desk to the lake and use it as a lap desk for your notebook computer or play cards with a friend.

  • Settle into your favorite chair to watch TV and use your TrulyGr8 Mobile Laptop Desk to catch up on paperwork.

Don't be chained to your home or office. Invest in a TrulyGr8 Mobile Laptop Desk today and experience the freedom of choosing beautiful scenic spots away from home or the office to work productively.

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